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Hacoa Pinup Board & Pentray

A couple of beautiful and useful Hacoa items arrived this week, including a Pinup Board in walnut and a Pentray in chocolate black. The Pinup Board is a very nice item since there are a couple of ball magnets that can be used in order to hold any notes you may want to have on it! You can also choose between landscape and vertical orientation.

nanoblock White Snake

This was an exclusive item for New Years 2013 and of course it was limited in production. The white snake is a symbol of Benten, the Japanese goddess of wealth, and it is considered a sign of good luck in Japan.


nanoblock Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Akagi

It must be the most special nanoblock set I have in my collection and definitely the most expensive one, as the Akagi set is very hard to find. I am so happy that I finally built it!!!


Okamura office chairs



I was taking a look at office chairs and of course I couldn't resist in checking out the Okamura lineup! They are among the best chairs available and definitely unique in terms of design and quality!!! The models I checked out included the Baron (aka CP), the Contessa and the new model Sabrina. Among the three, I liked the Baron the most and the mechanism, which is the same as the one used in the Contessa, is simply amazing! You can immediately feel the superb quality, something that doesn't fully apply for the newer model Sabrina.


Hacoa IC-PassCase and KURU-RIN

Today, a couple of Hacoa items arrived straight form Japan! As I already have two KURU-RIN (related posts), I decided to get the third colour variation as well - Pink Gold & Red - and I was once again very impressed by its beauty!!!
The second item I received was a custom IC-PassCase made out of rosewood (earlier post)! I opted for a Sakura illustration engraving and I was also fortunate enough to be able to choose the wood grain!!! I have many beautiful Hacoa products and this is among the best ones :-D